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8 April, 2022

Dumitru Boscanean - the New VP of Operations!

Dumitru Boscanean was just promoted to Vice President of Operations! A piece of news worth sharing and a great talent worth cherishing!}

16 February, 2022

Joseph DiMelis - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Meet Joseph DiMelis who recently joined Utilities One to help our business make an even great impact on broadband markets nationwide.}

27 December, 2021

The Next Step in Rural Broadband Deployment

FCC helps accelerate Rural Broadband Deployment. Utilities One shares the great news.}

20 October, 2021

Christopher Daugherty – Employee of the Month (October)

“Becoming is better than being.” - Carol Dweck}

30 September, 2021

Q&A with Mihaela Zgardan, Utilities One' Telecommunications Engineer

A quick glimpse into the duties of a Telecom Engineer

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