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Q&A with Mihaela Zgardan, Utilities One' Telecommunications Engineer

We continue posting our workforce's opinions and are happy to present Mihaela Zgardan, Utilities One' Telecommunications Engineer.

An engineer's job is quite sophisticated and niche-specific, and it takes extensive expertise and years of experience to master all the nuances properly. Our Engineers are always busy handling various projects that are different in scale, scope, and timelines. However, they never let us down and carry out all the work according to the highest industry standards.

We asked Mihaela to elaborate on her duties and talk a bit about what her job entails:

Q. What is telecom engineering in broad terms?

A. Telecommunications Engineering revolves around planning and designing solutions meant to expand broadcast, mobile and optical connections. Simply put, we come up with the right telecom technologies that are easy to integrate and maintain in the long-term perspective.

Q. What does a telecom engineer do exactly?

A. We solve issues and assess various solutions and situations to help the workforce implement telecom systems on time and according to the highest industry standards. We plan, design, commission, and monitor sophisticated, top-of-the-line telecom equipment.

Q. What does it take to become a telecom engineer?

A. First and foremost, one needs to be fluent in reading technical documentation. This position relies heavily on providing technical support to the rest of the workforce, and it's pivotal to have good knowledge of telecom systems' specifications.

We thank Mihaela for sharing her thoughts on some of the aspects of her job. We'll continue this trend of talking with our experts to give you a look behind the scenes at the work we're doing.

We shall continue our Q&A sessions in the future and provide our blog readers with accurate and enticing information on what the people of Utilities One are busy doing.

Utilities One is making an impact!

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