We deploy the latest solutions and most comprehensive practices, keep abreast of current equipment, methods, and system developments. We deliver renewable energies that boast many advantages, these being abundant, clean, flexible, efficient, and competitive for natural environment.








Renewables: Wind and Solar

We supply end-to-end services to the wind farm market consisting of power collection systems, substations, affiliation services and total EPC/BOP.

  • Advancement and Authorization
  • Wind farm design, energy yield analysis
  • Grid connection design and transmission
  • Concrete construction
  • Turbine setup
  • Turbine electrical wiring
  • O&M construction
  • Engineering and design
  • Turbine installation
  • Structure setup
  • Substation, transmission line and affiliation design and setup
  • Big platform turbines

We assess the project, make sure it fits specific requirements and link it to the electrical grid

  • BOP procurement
  • Solar energy services
  • Structure integrated voltaic setup

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Custom-made

  • Ground mount
  • Canopy installed
  • Roofing system installed
  • Supply solar systems for ground and roofing setups
  • Design, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic systems
  • End-to-end power plat upkeep (DC and Air Conditioner)
  • Commissioning
  • Task expediency analysis


We employ all current innovations to guarantee that we perform our work with accuracy and effectiveness, carry out all tasks on time and within your budget.

  • Power facilities upgrade
  • Aerial circulation power lines
  • Setting up brand-new power systems
  • Total aerial engineering
  • Repair and maintenance solutions
  • Energy pole setup and transfer
  • Cable drop and devices setup and replacement
  • Conversioning and transitioning
  • Transmission construction and upkeep – approximately 345KV
  • Substation construction and upkeep as much as 500 KV
  • Replacement of towers
  • Setup of overhead pole lines
  • Aerial mapping

  • Directional boring
  • High voltage cable drop entwining
  • Gas transmission and circulation
  • Underground electric setup
  • Electric feeder setup and circulation
  • Power line setup & adjustments
  • Fault locating and repair works
  • System hardening
  • Joint trench installations
  • Setting up underground cabling
  • Cable drop trenching
  • Cable drop splicing 4kV 69kV transformer setup
  • Vault building for cable drop splicing and manhole repair works
  • Underground conversion and moving
  • Underground structure assessment

Electrical Construction

We apply technical knowledge and skills necessary to install, operate, maintain and repair residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems.

  • Structural Construction
  • Circulation Lines
  • Continuous Upkeep
  • Emergency Maintenance & Repair Services

Electric Power Generating Construction

We provide clients advice on the optimal site, size, materials, construction methods,and design ideas. An all-in-one package.

  • Power generation and transmission
  • Setup and upkeep of low and high voltage systems
  • Underground electric services
  • Transmission and circulation solutions
  • Energized solutions
  • Renewable resource center construction
  • Electrical engineering and grid code compliance
  • Procurement
  • Main voltage conversions

Oil and Natural Gas Construction Services

We complete any project on time and on budget, with minimal impact to landowners, total environmental compliance and maximum overall efficiency, providing:

  • Oil pipelines
  • Gas pipelines construction
  • Compressor and pump stations
  • Gas and oil processing facilities
  • Transmission and circulation
  • Trucking and logistics
  • Technical solutions
  • Gas circulation setup
  • Service renewal, meter, piping and relight solutions
  • Pipeline stability management and deterioration
  • Stability, upkeep and replacement
  • Program management
  • Traffic control
  • Pipeline cable drop services


Our Engineers are on duty to find the most efficient and sustainable ways to operate Building and Manufacturing processes.

  • Circulation engineering
  • Environmental compliance
  • Renewable technologies
  • Central management
  • Power systems preparation
  • Design solutions
  • T & D and substation engineering services
  • Renewable system design
  • Consulting solutions
  • Field services
  • Construction, production and documentation management
  • Security system and control design
  • Innovation evaluation and network preparation
  • Line optimization

Deep Energy Retrofitting (DER)

We have what it takes to spot hidden value for businesses to optimize building performance. We offer a full range of solutions - LED lighting retrofits installations and maintenance, ground up projects, facility optimization, design implementation, etc. Our qualified lighting technicians will take care of every little detail to maximize your energy consumption.

  • Advanced building analysis
  • Identification and assessment of optimization options
  • Design and specification of Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Tracking and assessment of retrofit projects
  • Installation, commissioning and handover

Storm Restoration

Natural disasters can occur at any time. Whether it is flooding or a fire, it is important for you to have the right storm restoration company in mind.

  • Examination and evaluation of structural damage
  • Storm reaction
  • Repair work transmission and substation facilities
  • Supply power for circulation system
  • Restore electric service to the impacted locations
  • Storm reaction power line construction
  • Power system repair work
  • Rebuild downed transmission and circulation systems

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