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Company History

The remarkable history of Utilities One started in 2016. It all began with our sister company MoldCable which was focused on cable installation and repair services. The leadership realized that technology is constantly evolving, and there is a need for an infrastructure company that will make a difference; that's how Utilities One was born.

Today, Utilities One delivers a full range of infrastructure solutions for Telecommunications providers, Electric & Gas Utilities, Wireless Carriers, and the Technology Deployment sector.


Utilities One is being built and maintained by the finest industry experts

Our team of experienced professionals works hard to deliver excellent solutions and services to our ever-growing customer community. Every employee contributes exceptional ideas to our progressive initiatives and works cooperatively with our leadership to realize the company's full potential.

Proud Members of Esteemed Industry Associations

Utilities One has an outstanding reputation with over a decade of experience, delivering better results and facilitating optimum value. We realize that our employees are our greatest asset, which is why our carrier issued their compensation insurance directly. It provides peace of mind for our staff and allows them to avoid the inconvenience of insurance via the assigned risk pool.

Our project managers undergo extensive training and gain experience during their fieldwork. Utilities One Inc. is qualified to handle projects nationwide. We have the required Secretary of State certifications and licenses from the State Board of Contractors in every state we operate. Utilities One has a network of certified Business Partners that deliver industry-leading solutions. We work exclusively with the most qualified service providers around the country, so you never have to compromise.


Our Partners

Utilities One is integrated with and supported by a network of leading technology and consulting partners across the entire industry landscape. We bring passionate, motivated, skilled, and talented business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs together for mutual benefits and win-win opportunities, creating a more ambitious and sustainable economy.

Our partners are committed to using our solutions to help our shared customers acquire better customer experiences and grow engagement with their consumers. Every one of our partners has been strategically selected for their unique expertise across a wide range of industries and the complementary software solutions, services, and equipment they provide.

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