Our Team

Utilities One Construction leadership developed key areas of focus to provide our employees, at all levels, with underlying principles for creating a customer service experience that fosters long term relationships with our clients.

The Executive Team

Serghei Busmachiu

CEO of Utilities One Construction

As someone who successfully ran a similar industry company and stayed true to the founding vision, Serghei expanded his business horizons to Construction industry, when founded Utilities One.

Serghei Busmachiu comes out of a technical background – he studied Construction Technology at Technical University in Eastern Europe. The increasingly competitive business environment excelled his skills and insights to bring the customer service experience to an improved level.

Serghei’ priority goal it is to take the company to the new level of success, and provide his employees and their families with the right opportunity.

He leads by the idea “If it was easy, everyone would do it”

Todd Joncas

Executive Vice President of Utilities One Construction

And who has been in the cable industry as a veteran for almost 30 years of operations and business development experience. Todd has a unique ability to recognize management talent and guide them through the day-to-day business to be successful, as the road to Success is always under construction.

Dina Spinu

Billing Coordinator

Since I totally eager my Business Administration Education, I’ve collected plenty of experience from a wide arrange of environments. In customer service with direct contact, in telecommunication industry through the acquisition and strategy work. I am fond of a place where I feel that I can make an impact and maintain the importance of integrity.

Chris Phillips

Project Manager for Utilities One Construction (Illinois Market)
Chris has over 32 years experience in the Telecommunications field, 23 of those years have been in OSP Construction. Chris specializes in underground and aerial construction. He also has extensive experience in Civil and Small Cell construction. He is fluent ROW research and permitting with all levels of government and jurisdictions, including Railroad permitting.

Ross Harris

Project Manager for Utilities One Construction (Florida Market)
Ross has been in the telecommunication industry for 33 years. He started out as a laborer and through time and experience he became a driller and a locator, then as years went by he accumulated the knowledge of drilling and became a foreman, then a supervisor, then a project manager and a bid project manager to operations manager. He owned his own company doing turn-key work for ATT and Verizon and CenturyLink and other entities. The work he did was drilling, plowing, missileing, water boring, air jetting, pulling fiber, air blowing, fiber setting manholes and hand holes, power water, sewer storm drains. He can operate any type of drill locator, utility locator, GPR, pipe horn, operate any and all types of heavy equipment accomplishments. One of his greatest achievements was working on the project where he made a 10 FT long reamer to pull in gravity sewers, because the bore had to be almost perfect and he found that, this was one of the best ways. Only this way didn’t let the reamer dip or fall in a hole or soft spot, he has pulled multiple pipes 15-4 in conduits 750 at the time, 21-inch and a quarter conduit at the same time 48-inch pipe, multiple pipes at the same time. He enjoys to share the knowledge and teach people what he has gained through his years of experience.

Jeffrey Kusmierek

Project Manager of Utilities One Construction
Twenty one years of demonstrated operational management and business leadership spanning diverse projects and roles in telecommunications industry. A proven leader with a career path demonstrating both increased responsibility and achievement through role advancement and successful management of high volume assets and complex scenarios. Recognized ability to plan and organize U.S. operational projects and coordinate the activities of both internal and external personnel to achieve effective results in telecommunications across 13 plus States in New Builds, antenna upgrades and dark fiber projects in network deployment. Known as an effective decision maker skilled in obtaining profitable results for the corporation. Skilled at bringing people together to pursue a common goal whether within the company or among clients , vendors and strategic partners. Combines strong analytical, negotiations and team building to expand growth for the urgency for clients and the company’s core business as a market leader in the wireless telecommunication industry.

Mariana Garstea

Mariana Garstea has joined our company coming with a background in the Gas, Oil & Energy Industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Management, Leadership, Recruiting, and Team Building. Strong human resources professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Accounting and Computer Science from University in Europe.

Brendan Dowling

Project Manager for Utilities One Construction (Pennsylvania Market)
Brendan has 20+ years of experience in the Telecommunication Industry. Throughout his career path, he acquired profound expertise and proven managerial skills in the Aerial and Underground Construction industry. He has the ability to plan and organize team, priorities, and other factors to achieve set goals. Brendan is fluent in working with permits, scheduling, and completion of various projects. Always ready to contribute for constant growth by sharing his vision and abilities with a team.