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Tower Installation & Maintenance Services

Utilities One's team effectively manages all facets of the tower construction and antenna installation process from initial site planning to final system turn-up, as well as in-house structural modification crews. Our proven project management processes deliver results that meet or exceed customer expectations for quality and cost effectiveness, and make certain that all critical project deadlines are met. The Utilities One Certified tower professionals can handle the most complex installations, and our complete turnkey services streamline the project and keep it on track.

Utilities One offers scheduled and emergency inspection and comprehensive maintenance services throughout the United States; from structural assessments to sweep testing to complete system performance upgrades. Utilities One provides detailed reports and action plans to resolve any issues and to ensure compliance with all applicable safety regulations and requirements.

  • Road Construction
  • Tower Foundation
  • Tower Erection
  • Self-supporting, monopoles, guyed and structural retrofit projects

Project Management

Project planning and integration; Scheduling and progress reporting; Quality assurance; Risk identification and mitigation; Cost control reporting; Safety compliance

Antenna System Installation

Specialized Antenna Mount Fabrication; Waveguide Bridge & Ladder Installation; Antenna Verification & Coax Sweep Testing; Azimuth & Down-tilts

Interior Buildout

Interior Grounding; Cable Ladder Installation; Equipment Rack Fabrication & Installation; Battery Installation; Radio Setup Including Load and Combiner Tuning

System Performance Upgrades

Reconfigurations; Wweep and PIM testing; OTDR and CPRI testing; Sectorizations

Tower Inspections and Facility Evaluations

Tower Lighting Systems; Standard incandescent, Medium/High Intensity Strobe and LED

Fiber Splicing Services

State-of-the-art fiber optic splicing, termination, testing and troubleshooting services: We pride ourselves on quality work, built on a foundation of knowledge, leadership and support. We are a high-quality service provider whose services extend throughout the United States.

Utilities One"s management and splicing technicians bring many years of experience and knowledge to your job to ensure it will be performed in a professional manner.


  • Our OSP splicers, technicians and testers average over 10 years of technical training and experience.
  • They are continuously trained on the newest splicing and testing equipment.
  • Splicing Services include:
  • Single / Multi Mode Fusion Splicing
  • Mass Fusion (Ribbon) Splicing
  • OPGW / ADSS Fiber Splicing
  • Aerial / Underground Construction
  • Hot Cutovers
  • Ring Insertions
  • Butt Splices
  • Panel Installation / Terminations including OCEF’s, Patch Panels, etc.
  • Fiber Reel Testing
  • Network Acceptance Testing including Bi-directional OTDR & Power Meter
  • Testing Documentation Package
  • Network Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Copper Splicing & Testing
  • Tipping

Aerial Construction

Utilities one is very proud of our abilities to perform every aspect of aerial telecommunications construction. We have highly trained and motivated crews who provide quality services to our customers. We follow utility, municipal and/or state construction codes and practices.

Utilities One maintains a fleet of aerial vehicles and equipment, including small and large bucket trucks, crash trucks, trailers, reel trailers and pulling rigs.

Utilities One Provides:

  • Make Ready
  • Aerial Utility Construction and Placement
  • Strand Placement
  • Fiber, Copper and Coax
  • Anchor Placement
  • Overlash and Network Growth Projects
  • New Construction
  • Rebuild / Upgrade
  • Wreck-out and Removal
  • Pole Installation
  • Pole Transfers and Maintenance Services
  • Emergency Restoral

Underground Utility Installation & Repair

Our team has a combined work history of over 25 years installing underground pipe, water mains, and sewer lines.

We offer underground utility services year-round , and are skilled with “tough” projects such as deep excavations.

Our utility services include the following:

Services Provided:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Construction
  • Replacement
  • Extension
  • Laterals (connection to main line)
  • Drainage Contracting
  • Catch Basins
  • Manholes
  • Excavation

Types of Utilities:

  • Water Mains
  • Water Lines
  • Sanitary Sewer Lines
  • Storm Sewer Lines
  • Sewer Mains
  • Drain Lines

Quality & Safety

Underground utility installation often requires digging deep trenches that can be unsafe. Construction safety issues can affect property owners in unexpected ways.

Utilities One Construction always complies with OSHA Trench Safety standards as well as with our own internal, stringent safety protocols.

Natural Gas Infrastructure Services

Our engineering and construction expertise provide a true balance of intelligent design, cost effectiveness, and constructability. From natural gas engineering services to pipeline and station construction, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our clients’ needs.

Services include:

  • Natural gas pipeline design (land surveying, environmental permitting)
  • Meter & regulator station design
  • Purchase point/gate station design
  • Horizontal Directional Drill Design (HDD)
  • Construction cost estimating
  • Underground Gas Construction Certified with Rochester Gas & Electric, NYSEG, National Grid, and National Fuel Gas Company

DAS / Small Cell

Small cell wireless technology is a network capacity and coverage solution that is minimally invasive taking up a small amount of space, while significantly improving wireless connections both inside and outside. Small cells are the future of network coverage technology and network connectivity solutions. The number of small cells deployed every year is rapidly increasing. They are so discrete and often installed on structures such as street lights, utility poles, or to the sides of buildings without consumers even realizing their presence. They are designed to blend into the environment. Utilities One can increase your in-building connectivity with small cell wireless infrastructure that can be installed in a much faster turnaround than previous wireless solutions.

Network Engineering Services

Utilities One Inc. Has been engaged in engineering services since it opened its doors in 2010. Over the years, Utilities One has developed an end-to-end engineering service that is applicable to any telecommunications network from Long Haul to Wireless Services to FTTx. Utilities One has regularly provided services including, but not limited to, Network Architecture Development, Network Planning, Existing Infrastructure Mapping, Network Constructibility Review, Detailed OSP Design Engineering, Make Ready Engineering, Pole Loading Analysis, ISP Survey, ISP Design Engineering, Construction Documentation, and Network As-Building. Having deployed over 10,000 miles of telecommunications infrastructure, Utilities One leverages its extensive experience and knowledge base to provide effective and efficient engineering solutions for every client’s network needs.

A key advantage of Utilities One’s Engineering Services Division is its integration with Utilities One’s construction group. All Utilities One engineering personnel have an intimate understanding of engineering specifications and a detailed knowledge of construction practices. This allows Utilities One engineers to consistently go above and beyond engineering requirements while also providing an integrated product that flows seamlessly through the construction process. Additionally, Utilities One boasts a series of tools that provide its customers with visibility into daily engineering progress while integrating seamlessly with its construction process, thus allowing for a near-live view of key performance indicators for any project as a whole. This access to information has proven to be invaluable for Utilities One customers when making decisions during a project.

Utilities One can support on large-scale or specialized deployment projects. If Utilities One ever needs extra resources to assist with a project, one of its sister companies can lend their highly experienced employees to aid in project execution. This ensures that no matter the size or complexity of a project, quality remains Utilities One’s number one priority, and all work is delivered correct and on time, every time.

Reach out to Utilities One’s Engineering Services Division today to get a free assessment on your upcoming project from Utilities One’s leadership team.

Emergency Response Services

Utilities One Inc. Is a full service contracting firm offering construction services to all aspects of the Cable TV and telecommunications industry. From maintenance and new build to complete rebuilds and upgrades. Utilities One Inc. Has been involved in every facet of the communications industry since its inception in the 2010′s.

In addition, Utilities One Inc. Provides Emergency Rapid Response Service for many of our customers throughout our service areas, including natural disasters (hurricane, tornado, flood, ice, etc) and other unforeseen accidents that cause service interruptions as we have crews on call 24/7.

We believe the quality of the people and equipment we are willing to commit to each job separates Utilities One Inc. From its competitors. Our combined management team has hundreds of years of experience in the Telecommunications industry, from operations to outside plant construction. We will be happy to budget, build and maintain any and all of your construction needs on your next telecommunications project.