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Pittsburgh, PA


DBEC Wholesale Florist


Pittsburgh, PA

Services Provided

Commercial LED Lighting Installation, Energy Procurement

Case Summary

DBEC Wholesale operates in a 25,000sqft warehouse. Previously the business was lit with over 200 light fixtures, all of which were fluorescent and most of which were T12. Their existing kWh consumption from lighting alone was over 130,000kWh. After analysis, not only were they using about 65% too much energy, but they were also paying too much for their electricity.

Through strategic partnership with DBEC’s new energy supplier, we were able to offer OBF (On-bill financing) for the LED efficiency upgrade. This funding mechanism results in the customer paying nothing out of pocket while being cash flow positive from day one!

Implemented Solution

  • • Locked DBEC into low-rate, fixed-price energy rates for 48 month terms guaranteeing them future savings at this unprecedented time of historically low pricing
  • • Secured project funding through energy supplier
  • • Installed LED Lighting throughout the business along with occupancy sensors for additional savings
  • • Worked with the customer to secure rebate dollars from the local utility


  • • Brighter, safer work environment for employees
  • • Coolers are now lit with enough light that employees can see the true color of the flowers; without having to pull out boxes upon boxes wasting time
  • • Energy Savings - Proposed kWh consumption after LED lights were installed.. 41,723. That is over 67% reduction in usage
  • • The customer will recognize over $8,500/year in energy savings from his bills
  • • Maintenance - 5 year warranties and 50,000 hour lifespans make these lights some of the longest lasting equipment in your business. Less time and money spent replacing lights means more money for the business

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