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Christian Phillips's Promotion

The most invaluable thing for any company is its staff. Its team, its crew, its band – however you may call it. We appreciate the work of every single team member and are proud of the way they handle any situation.

We were very lucky to have Christian Phillips join us and glad he became part of our family.

Chris has over three decades of experience in the Telecommunications industry, 23 of those in OSP Construction. He specializes in underground and aerial construction solutions. He also has comprehensive experience in Civil and Small Cell construction. He is fluent ROW research and permitting specialist, with all levels of government and jurisdictions, including Railroad permitting.

Recently, he has been promoted to a new position – our Regional Project Manager.

With every project he has worked on, Chris demonstrated professional attitude, commitment, consistency, and willingness to take on responsibility for even the tiniest of details.

We are very thankful for your dedication to every single project you work on. Thanks to your efforts, we complete them quickly, effectively, and in line with our budgetary constraints.

Congratulations Christian!

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