Aerial Construction

Boyertown, PA - New Berlinville, PA


Boyertown, PA - New Berlinville, PA

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Aerial Construction

Case Summary

The town of Boyertown was upgrading its internet infrastructure from cable service to a fiber service. The town recently appropriated the necessary funds to upgrade its broadband infrastructure to deliver faster internet from Boyertown to New Berlinville. Fiber cables are the only thing that can support the demand for higher speeds as well as the distance within networks.

Over the course of the said project, every house, condominium, townhouse, hotel, and business will upgrade to a fiber connection. Inside each of these structures, an internet box will be installed by the town of Boyertown connecting them to the town of New Berlinville and Windstream fiber network.

Implemented Solution

  • Fiber Optic Master Plan

  • Bandwidth Analysis

  • Capacity Analysis – Current / Future

  • Implementation Phasing Plan

  • Potential Update of development guidelines and policies


  • The town of Boyertown provides municipal services to a population of approximately 4,055 residents (the town of Berlinville - 1,368 residents), as well as commercial, industrial, public and agricultural lands within its service area. The town recognizes its responsibility to efficiently meet the citizen’s needs with long-range planning efforts.

  • The Fiber Optic Master Plan for the municipality addressed the town’s immediate and near-term telecommunications demands while establishing the infrastructure to meet future needs in a cost-effective and fiscally responsible manner.

  • The town will have a long-term resource that will represent unparalleled performance for the next decades and beyond delivering outstanding efficiencies for the benefit of the town’s businesses and residents.


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Boyertown, PA - New Berlinville, PA

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