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Deep Dive into Leadership Insights & Expertise: Senior Director of Construction Field Services, Denis Mezer

Delve into an insightful discussion with Denis Mezer, Senior Director of Construction Field Services at Utilities One. Denis shares his journey in the cable industry, his rise to leadership, and the advanced strategies employed at Utilities One to maintain high standards in construction field services.

Background & Career Progression

Denis Mezer began his career in the cable industry in the summer of 2017 with Moldcable, a sister company to Utilities One. Starting as an installation technician, he quickly ascended to a supervisory role, accumulating over three years of experience on the fulfillment side before joining Utilities One in December 2020. His early fears turned into drivers for gaining expertise, pushing him to excel in the demanding world of construction services.

Skills & Trust Building Among Foremen

Denis transitioned from technician to foreman at Utilities One, which is a process typically spanning three to four months. This period allows for evaluating a candidate's communication skills with peers and clients, which is crucial for building trust—a key component in a foreman's responsibilities. Upon proving their capability, candidates undergo OSHA Certification and Traffic Control Certification to align with industry standards.

Leadership and Problem-Solving

Regular meetings between Operations Project Managers (OPMs), directors, and foremen ensure seamless communication and operational efficiency. These sessions address client needs and onsite challenges, fostering a collaborative environment for troubleshooting and project management.

Denis's daily interactions with his team are pivotal. He engages in frequent communications to monitor progress and address issues swiftly, ensuring that the teams have the support they need to overcome challenges. His approach to leadership involves direct involvement in problem resolution, which is crucial for maintaining operational excellence and high standards.

Proficiency in Splicing

Splicing plays a critical role in Utilities One's projects, requiring meticulous attention to detail and precision. Denis oversees splicing operations across the U.S., servicing over 15 clients, including industry leaders. The splicing teams, spread from the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast, are honored for their exceptional work, often under tight deadlines.

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